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Welcome to Go-Goji

We are a UK based specialist in the supply and sale of goji berries.

We think goji berries have to be the number one Superfood!

Goji berries have over 2000% more antioxidants than oranges!

Goji berries are packed full of antioxidants, proteins, minerals and omegas, all essential for good health.

Goji berries are prefect as a wonderful nutritious and healthy snack. They are also a great source for one of your 5 a day portions of fruit or veg.

We provide the highest quality goji berries at competitive prices. We have tried many goji berries and are pleased to have sourced the best quality and taste available. Our berries are certified organic, grown without pesticides or agrochemicals and are the best you can find. Plumper and sweeter than other goji berries you can be sure you are getting the most nutritious and healthy berries at the best possbile prices. We are specialists and experienced in the sourcing and sale of goji berries. Accept no immitations!

We are mad about goji berries and with our first hand experience of how beneficial they can be we think these wonderful berries deserve to be the number one superfood choice and a health food staple!


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